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Wilmington's Exclusive Bumble and Bumble Salon

Groove Jet Salon Co. is proud to announce.....

We have become the ONLY Bumble and Bumble Salon in Wilmington!

We have partnered with Bumble and Bumble since 1997. In 2010 we decided to become an exclusive Bumble salon, committing our dedication to the craft of Hairdressing.

So WHO is Bumble and bumble?

"Bumble and bumble is a haven for like-minded talent, established by entrepreneurial stylist Michael Gordon in a salon on the... fringe of New York's Hairdressers Row in 1977 where we clipped, combed, permed and styled our way into prominence with shrewd PR, a legendary editorial team, backstage access, a design ethic, a line of extraordinary products (as essential as scissors and comb), a devoted salon network, a school, a second salon, a reputation as a force for the recognition, evolution and elevation of hairdressing - revering hair heroes, cultivating creativity, fostering disciplined rebellion, refining our 'eye,' and above all remaining deeply, passionately and fearlessly dedicated to the craft of hairdressing." -Bumble and bumble.

Our commitment to Bumble has taken us to amazing experiences!

Our Jets have attended countless classes at Bumble and bumble University, honing in on their skills to bring our guests expertly crafted hair services.

Brandy Alexander had the opportunity to work alongside the prestigious Bumble Backstage Team for New York Fashion Week.

And Kim Brite has become our Network Educator, leading in house classes to deepen our product knowledge, expand our techniques, and refining our creative eye.

We are honored to be the only source of all things Bumble and bumble in the Wilmington area. We encourage you to push your style regimin and pick our brains to help you acheive the looks you desire. We are always here to meet with you and discuss your hair possibilities.

Stop in today for all your Bumble and Bumble hair care needs or call us to set your favorite products aside for you!

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