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A fresh approach to bridal styling.

Find a bride’s perfect look by borrowing some cues

from fashion to influence your creative styling.

Join Robins’ Nest for an inspirational presentation

(with limited space for hands-on practice).


What truly makes a bride captivating? – When her look reflects her most beautiful self. 


Don’t be afraid of the unconventional when it comes to styling for brides.  What we love about fashion is that we aspire to be like who’s portrayed in the image.  The most aspirational images are inspiring when they are “believable”, meaning you feel the model “own” the look – no matter how avant-garde or subtle.  The most powerful gift you can give your bride, when she puts her trust in your hands, is to bring out the essence of who she really is and reflect that beauty in her look.  This means she’s comfortable in her skin (or in this case, in her hair).  She feels authentic and confident.  She feels beautiful throughout her whole being and owns her look because it’s “her”.


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Hair with purpose

A portion of the proceeds from Fashion Meets Bridal will be donated to the Women’s Empowerment Hairdressing Program with Sports Outreach in Northern Uganda.  

Many of the young women ages 10-18 in villages here experience sexual trauma or abuse at a young age which typically results in pregnancy.  Most of these youth feel trapped, scared, and hopeless in their situations feeling dependent on their families or the men who abused them. 


SOI walks alongside these girls to bring hope for a brighter future.  The programs equip them with hairdressing skills to provide for their families and counseling to aid in their healing as they return to live in their villages. For further information on Sports Outreach's work visit their website below.


Women's Empowerment Program

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