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Who are we?  What are we about?

Groove Jet creates fresh modern looks for every lifestyle.  


We BELIEVE in bringing the inner self out through expression of one's hair.


We PRIDE ourselves on creating a calm sanctuary to relax in. We do this through heart centered guest service, high quality products and professionally tailored services suited to your unique needs. And of course eclectic music to anchor our ambiance.

We STRIVE to add value to your experience.   We require all of our Jets (Groove Jet Team Members) to go above and beyond for your shared time with us.    

We CELEBRATE and HONOR past hairdressers who have paved the way and passed down timeless techniques 

We GIVE big!  Our business model is centered around helping make a difference our community and beyond. For every NEW guest who receives a service you help us feed a local child for a day through Nourish NC. 


We COMMUNICATE a lot actually!  We want to get to know you and we would love for you to get to know the Jets.  We also sometimes get second opinions from one another... two minds are always better than one!

We use HIGH QUALITY  products in our service and on our shelves. This is why we made the commitment to be a Bumble and bumble. dedicated salon, and use exclusively L'Oreal Professionnel Color during our color services.  We only want the best for our guests!

We DELIGHT in helping you achieve how you feel on the inside out.  We will always educate you in what we are doing for you and why we are doing it.  

We TREAT you as family because you are family when you walk through our doors!  

Lastly HONESTY is the name of our game.  If our Jets feel the integrity of your hair will be compromised by a service requested, we will give you our honest professional advise. 

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