Chris Glisson

| Stylist |

Specializes in : Classic Cutting | Lived in Color 

Chris is most known for his strong foundation in classic shapes and timeless style in both men and

women. With the mantra, “You have to know the rules before you can break them” Chris takes his

classical training and melds it with what’s fresh and new.

In 2010 Chris started his career as a stylist here in Wilmington NC and furthered his education

with the lead stylist of the TIGI Professional Team in NYC and throughout the country. Mentored by the TIGI Creative team he competed in the 2013 Behind the Chair RAW hair competition for new artists, with his team finishing in the top 2 in the nation.

After a brief moment away from the chair, Chris has rejoined the league of hair professionals

and has chosen to join Groove Jet and revisit his Bumble and bumble roots. “I’m really excited to bring my deep understanding of classic shapes and hair dynamics to this team.”

From a classic gentlemen’s cut to shaping waves inspired by the ocean, Chris will leave you feeling fresh, alive and all together timeless.






Haircut | Men                           30

Haircut | Women                      50

Base Color | Root                     70

Global Color                           115

Gloss                                          50

Base Break                                 55

Express Color                            55

Face Frame Foil                        65

Partial Foil                                140

Full Foil                                    180

Face Frame Balayage               65

Partial Balayage                       140

Full Balayage                           220

Color Correction             $240/hr*

Occasion Style                           40

*Consultation Required

***Prices may vary based on length and thickness.  All Highlight Services include Gloss.

| All appointments include blowout with our Apprentices, blowouts scheduled with Chris

 are an additional $40 |