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Winter Shores

February may arrive in a flood of flowers and chocolates, but deep below that Hallmark surface lies the heart of true romance – and it all begins with you.

Be first on your love list this month and envelop yourself in a swell of soft knits, loose ruffles, and flowing fabrics. Let your playful side peek through natural hues like blush, sand, and winter white.

And the best thing? Now’s your chance to break out those well-worn winter favorites stashed away in your closet. They say love conquers all, and a comfy sweater is a darn good companion.

-Nina Bays Cournoyer

As seen in WILMA's February Issue!

Pleated midi SKIRT ($44) and Oyster STUDS ($12), both available at Aqua Fedora.

Jaimie white denim OVERALLS ($72), Grace ruffle, cold-shoulder SWEATER ($77), Spectrum bead BRACELET ($25), Whistlepig Workshop FoxFire EARRINGS ($45), all available at Tusc Boutique.

Bella maxi SKIRT ($144), NYTT nude HOODIE ($73), Spectrum white stone NECKLACE ($48), all available at Tusc Boutique; Square up RING ($12), crystal RING ($13), Teardrop RING ($14), all available at Aqua Fedora.

Military SKIRT ($149), Whitley ivory SWEATER ($61), gold ring NECKLACE ($48), all available at Tusc Boutique; Traveler EARRINGS ($14), available at Aqua Fedora.

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