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Groove Jet's Referral Program

As we strive to enhance our guest experience, we took a look at our existing Referral Program. At the end of last year, we softly started testing a rewards increase in our Guest Referral Program. We took our gift to you from $10 to $20. Why did we decide to make this shift? We love each and every one of you and value our time together! When you share your Groove Jet Experience with your incredible friends, you are allowing us to touch your inner circle. You posses the ability for us to share more dynamic experiences with your friends and family. For this we are truly grateful! To show our gratitude we wanted to share this increased gift to you for your continued dedication to Groove Jet.

Here’s the Referral Scoop:

1. Grab several Referral Cards.

2. Write your name and stylist name on the cards.

3. Pass them out to your trusted friends.

4. For every friend who brings your card, we will add $20 to your account.

5. With your card, your friend will receive $10 off a service of $50+

6. Use your account $$ on products or services, you can even bank your $$ for higher priced services.

7. Account $$ cannot be used for gift certificates, gratuity, redeemed for cash or transferred to another account.

Refer your friends. Get Rewarded. Free HAIRS is that simple!

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