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Melt-Proof Summer Makeup Tips

1. USE A BROAD SPECTRUM SPF. Sunscreen is the single most important anti-aging product for your skin. Broad-spectrum SPF protects your gorgeous face against both UVB and UVA rays, which can lead to signs of aging and cancer.

2. SKIP THE SOAP. The use of soap-based cleansers can irritate the skin’s protective barrier and raise the pH level, leading to sensitivity, wrinkles, acne and inflammation. All Dermalogica cleansers are soap free, and pH-balanced to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Pick one that works for your specific skin needs.

3. USE A PRIMER. Primers keep your makeup smudge-free, which is essential in the hot summer heat. Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer is a makeup primer, sunscreen and treatment for skin aging all in one!

4. SWITCH TO A BB CREAM OR TINTED MOISTURIZER. Foundation can be too thick in the warmer months, and can leave behind a melted mess. Beauty Balms, aka BB creams, are sheer foundations including moisturizers, anti-aging ingredients and sunscreen in one tiny package.

5. CHANGE TO CREAM BLUSH AND EYE-SHADOW. Creams, gels, tints and stains are all great options to give you a healthy glow in the rising temperatures. Cream blush is perfect for creating a beachy, dewy radiance, while cream eye color can last though swims and sweats.

6. GIVE YOUR LIPSTICK A BREAK. Opt for lips stains this time of season…they’re heat and humidity proof. And don’t forget to apply a balm with sunscreen over the stain to protect your pout! Maybelline Baby Lips offers a great selection of colors with protection.

7. INVEST IN BLOTTING PAPERS. Blot away oil, perspiration and shine…wiping or rubbing can make things worse.


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